Life is a creative process of self discovery.  Honoring the sacred in all ways of being is the root of Chrissy Sie-Merritt’s journey as an artist and healer.  She has a passion for creating and holding space for people of all walks to explore the layers of themselves in a safe, healing environment. 


This was the driving force behind building South Moon Studio. Every detail of this healing space was thought out carefully.  From colours to textures, to how the energy would flow in the womb like shape of the classroom. Chrissy handpicked and treated the wood, stone, colours and furniture to express a unique and open space for all to feel at home in.


The bulding was built by many amazing creative hands including Chrissy's husband, Colin Sie.  Together family and friends have helped to bring good energy and love to South Moon Studio.

"Chrissy is one of those amazing people that has an uncanny ability to make you feel welcome and whole with each visit to her studio. I'm always left feeling a sense of renewal and ready to tackle life's challenges with grace and kindness. Her community focused approach in life inspires me and I know I'm not the only one that feels this way!" - Caleigh Christie, Manager, Falcon Trails Resort