Exploring the 7 Teachings           


Join Jen Oborne Crolly to explore the 7 Teachings, Anishinabe understandings of how to live a good life in harmonious relationship with oneself and all that surrounds.

Jen has 10 years of experience offering 7 Teachings programming in schools, and will share song, reflections, invite discussion, and create mindful space for that Teaching to inhabit the heart. Please bring a small amount of Tobacco, women are invited to bring a skirt.

8 events will be held over the year, each reflecting on a different Teaching. All are welcome, and can join in at anytime over the year.


Buffalo/Respect Teaching

Saturday, October 14 at 4-6 pm

South Moon Studio, East Braintree



Arrangements can be made for additional classroom support materials and mentoring for educators.