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Postures and Movements to help ease chronic pain and relieve tension


Sore neck, back, hips or knees?  We all live with pain at some point in our lives.  This workshop is designed to give you tools to ease discomfort from repetitive movement or poor posture, help heal chronic pain and create mindful movement to prevent further injury

You do not have to have any yoga experience or even be flexible.  We show up as we are and work to find the right way to move in order to feel good and pain free in our bodies.


Our first round of this workshop sold out so fast we are holding it again!  This is especially beneficial for those that use repetitive motion on a daily basis or have an injury that causes restriction of movement.

workshop will cover:

-how to correct your posture to ease pain

-restorative postures for deep release

-correcting unhealthy patterns of movement

-creating mindful movement to prevent injuries

Workshop is limited to 14 people so reserving your spot is recommended by June 20th

June 24th




Stay tuned for the next session