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Bringing new meaning to the term “family values”, these identical 15-year old Cree and French- Metis twins will get your feet stomping with their traditional Metis fiddle and contemporary music. With original songs and tunes from their favorite bands (Kodaline, Simon & Garfunkel, the Duhks) these boys will inspire and delight you. At such a young age their charisma and talent has taken them  from the Prairies to the Pacific to delight audiences with their unique style and sound

*limited seating reserving tickets is recommended 


Doors 6:30pm

Show 7:00 pm

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The Perpetrators’ front-man and founding member and proud Winnipegger Jay Nowicki is rated one of Canada’s tastiest guitar players. Nowicki and his band The Perpetrators have garnered WCMA awards and a Juno nomination, including their most recent album “Stick ‘Em Up” was met with rave reviews as well as a 2014 WCMA for Blues Recording of the Year. 

2020 brings plans of getting back into the studio – in the meantime Jay will  bring his brand of dirty house-rockin’ blues wherever he goes.

*limited seating reserving tickets is recommended 


Doors 7:30pm

Show 8:00 pm

or call


Previous Performers

Chris Carmichael- As one of the most in-demand guitarists and drummers in Winnipeg's remarkable roots and blues music community, Chris has provided a wealth of talent and experience to countless recording sessions and live performances. Chris's revealing vocal and instrumental styles are influenced by a remarkable range of artists - flavoured by the likes of Mississipi John Hurt, Neil Young and Crazy Horse – and Keith Richards.

Dwayne Dueck-Hailing from Manitoba’s own southern roots region, the Pembina Hills – Dwayne Dueck grew up in a musical family, did his time touring on the road with Big Dave Maclean, and playing with renowned rockabilly group ‘The Rowdymen’. He also fronted his own band ‘The Shuffleheads’. Most recently Dwayne’s performing interests have led him to create a Merle Haggard tribute band and follow in the deep tradition of true Country and Western. Dwayne has a vocal range that enables him to both croon soft and sweet, as well as wail out a honky tonk standard.

If you haven't heard Romi Mayes' music yet, it's time you do.

Hailing from the prairies of Canada, Mayes is one of the hardest working independent musicians touring the globe today.

Devil On Both Shoulders', her 6th full-length release, is another testament to why Romi Mayes’ past albums have garnered three Western Canadian Music Awards for Songwriter of the Year, two Western Canadian Music Awards for Album of The Year, a Juno nomination for Album of the Year, and various Canadian Music Award nominations.

Mayes is known for her powerful lyrical ability that gives life to the words she sings. Her insightful sweet and edgy vocals paint pictures of heart on her sleeve sincerity and a road well travelled. The talented players that surround her are another confirmation of how her honest abilities draw the best of the best toward her authentic brand of roots music.

She has relentlessly toured Canada, US, Europe, UK, and has shared the stage with the likes of Levon Helm, Derek Trucks, Ricky Skaggs, Jim Cuddy, Gordie Johnson, Guy Clark, Sue Foley, Fred Eaglesmith, Corb Lund, Blackie and The Rodeo Kings, and many more.

Jam Rock, Bluegrass, Roots and Country music, Rob Wrigley is a songwriter, a song collector and a multi-instrumentalist (banjo/mandolin/electric and acoustic guitar). A musician for over 22 years he has been on musical journey; writing about his experiences and exploring sounds through his influences such as Bill Monroe, Grateful Dead, Phish, and Widespread Panic, the Band, Little feet, Johnny Cash, Willie Nelson and much more.

Annie Sumi is an Ontario-based ethereal-folk artist with a sound shaped by varied musical influences, from Joni to Feist to Nick Drake, and a dash of mystical songstress Kate Bush emerging in her latest album, In the Unknown.

Sumi’s music has been played all across Canada on CBC and community radio, and earned critical acclaim and numerous accolades. She’s also a member of the award-winning folk/jazz quartet, The Hidden Roots Collective, recently nominated for a Canadian Folk Music Award.

"Wow just in love with this voice" -George Stroumboulopoulos



Matt Foster with Quintin Bart & Gabriela Ocejo


Music sung and arranged for hurdy gurdy, acoustic guitar and voice. The hurdy gurdy, an indescribable instrument from medieval times, haunts the songs with dark ghostly qualities - droning and rattling strange sounds that seem to come from elsewhere. A synth from before the time of synths. Lyrically, the songs are puzzles, stories and Polaroids snapped from the moments and moods where words have failed.  

"Blackbird In The Snow could be my song of the year, it is perfection."  - Jonathan Aird (AMERICANA, UK) 


Scott Nolan is a songwriter, poet, multi instrumentalist from Winnipeg, Manitoba Treaty One Territory. His songs have been recorded by Hayes Carll, Mary Gauthier, Watermelon Slim, and Corin Raymond among others. He has recently produced albums for William Prince, Lynne Hanson, and Watermelon Slim.

In January 2015 he started writing poetry, approximately three weeks after his 40th birthday. The plan was to replace smoking cigarettes with walking eight to ten kilometres a day. He is a songwriter by trade and often discovered melodies and rhythms in the shuffling of his feet. He spends most of his time thinking about words, music, and language. Nolan found myself writing short poems based on people and places in his neighbourhood, trying to capture a bit of what was happening around him.

An older cousin of his discovered a gift and passion for poetry while serving time in Folsom State Prison. He was an early influence on him, sending books and letters from prison and encouraging the younger Nolan to read and write as often as possible. This relationship was the subject of a documentary last year called Visiting Day, produced for the CBC by filmmaker Charles Konowal. He was invited to perform and host writing workshops in the very same prison library his cousin wrote to him from all those years ago.

The late Winnipeg poet Patrick O’Connell was also a dear friend and mentor. Patrick is one of his favourite contemporary Canadian poets. His was a lyrical

style that had a strong impact on his early songwriting. One of the many benefits of working in the arts community in Winnipeg is the quality of work of his peers. It’s consistently encouraging and inspiring. After more than a decade of relentless touring, he decided to take a year or so away from the road to collaborate, produce records, and enjoy his life in Winnipeg. A play was produced through Manitoba Theatre Projects based on the nine albums he has released since 2003. The play, I Dream of Diesel, enjoyed a two week run of sold-out shows and critical praise from both the community and critics.

Chris Carmichael- Every great music scene has its anchors, people who never quite get their due from the public, but who are the backbone of sounds and successes. I'm talking about guys like Derek O'Brien and Bill Campbell in Austin, Texas, Steve Freund and David Maxwell in Chicago, Junior Watson in Los Angeles, and Chris Carmichael in Winnipeg, Canada.


It may sound a little out of place to group Winnipeg with Austin, Chicago, and L.A., but the reality is that the music scene in Winnipeg is every bit as vibrant - arguably even more so - than cities much more widely recognized. Acts like The Perpetrators, Big Dave McLean, Righteous Ike, Romi Mayes, the Scott Nolan Band, they're all world-class talents whose reputations continue to grow locally and internationally, and they all have something in common: Chris Carmichael


As one of the most in-demand guitarists and drummers in Winnipeg's remarkable roots and blues music community, he has provided a wealth of talent and experience to countless recording sessions and live performances. Now, he brings forth his own album, a work long overdue, and one that showcases all of his talents. 

Revealing vocal and instrumental styles influenced by a remarkable range of artists - flavoured by the likes of Mississipi John Hurt, Neil Young and Crazy Horse – and Keith Richards, Carmichael unveils an album that stretches his blues and rock and roll roots in a powerful new direction. Combining Chris's ease and grace in switching from one instrument to another (he plays all the guitars, bass, drums and percussion), and featuring contributions from Joanna Miller and Romi Mayes (backing vocals) and Bill Western (pedal steel), these songs add another chapter to a story of a truly talented musician coming of age in his own time and way.

STONYPOINT POWER TRIO- Formed in the summer of 2005, Stonypoint became Southern Manitoba’s newest Bluegrass sensation. Known for their appreciation of traditional bluegrass music and love of playing fast this group will have you smiling and grinning in no time.

In 2007 the group recorded their first and only self-titled album “Stonypoint.” After a long and subtle departure from the local Bluegrass scene the band has regrouped with a few less members and a new sound. The new line-up consists of: Kenny Kansas on guitar and mandolin, Tim Longbottom on the big bad bass and Robert Allan Wrigley on the banjo, guitar and mandolin.


Stonypoint look forward to entertaining you with some new songs and some old classics. These campground hero’s love to keep the jamming going all night long around the fires of festivals and gathering around Southern Manitoba and beyond. Most notably they have performed at Trout Forest Music festival in Ontario, Fire and Water Festival in Lac du Bonnet and Times Change(d) High and Lonesome Club in Winnipeg.


So get ready to kick of the shoes and dance barefoot in the bluegrass.

Double the Trouble are the perfect reflection of what is to be of this land. Being fluent in both official languages, these identical 13 year old French-Metis and Cree twins perform Traditional Metis fiddle tunes mixed with original and contemporary music. For the past 8 years, Luc and Aidan Wrigley’s unique style and sound have been leaving their audiences amazed and wanting more. At the age of 11, they recorded a full album and toured the Prairie Provinces from Winnipeg to Jasper. They are currently recording a second album and filming of a short documentary which will highlight the recording of their first original song “Juniper Woods”. 

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