The Drum is the Heartbeat of Life:

Incorporating Aboriginal Perspectives and Drumming Teachings into Forest School

with Jennifer Oborne Crolly


An Aboriginal perspective brings a worldview that is different from the view of mainstream education. It is one that touches the heart and spirit as well as the mind, and can enrich how we learn, what we talk about, how we feel, and who we become… 


The Drum brings the heartbeat that unites humanity. She is the heartbeat of the Earth, the heartbeat of the mother, the child’s first song… Through the Drum we remember that we are all one human family and one earthly family, and we come to remember our belonging with all of Life. 

As we gather around the Drum, we come together of one heart and one mind as we sing for ourselves, our families, our communities and our Earth; acting as global citizens for the good of all.  She teaches us how to take care of Life.

Join Jennifer Oborne Crolly in spending time with the Drum; to hear Teachings, learn a song or two, and to connect these learnings to the many possibilities available in Forest and Nature School experiences.


Date: Saturday, April 16

Time: 11 am – 2pm 

Location: South Moon Studio, East Braintree, MB

Cost: $30


Please bring: A long skirt (women), snack food as you require it, a water bottle (you just might need it for singing!)


There will be a Drum Circle held at 3:30 that day until around 7 pm, which may include a Pipe Ceremony. Participants are welcome to stay to attend, but are asked to bring some snack food to share as part of a collective Feast.


Jennifer Oborne Crolly ~ Much to her surprise, Jennifer has been involved with healing and healing ways for over 25 years. For the past 10 years, she has worked with the 7 Teachings, and sharing Indigenous Songs and Teachings with children to create healing spaces within school. She has practiced Classical Homeopathy and intuitive bodywork with a focus on emotional healing, but her focus these days is on supporting movement through relationship, Song, Ceremony and BodyTalk.


BodyTalk is a tool Jennifer has used for 12 years to support her own physical, mental, emotional and spiritual process work, and has been quietly practicing for 4 years.

She is a helper, a wife to a very good man, a mom to 2 great kids, a teacher and a seeker.